Friday, May 20, 2005

My Comment Post... (SUCH a GREAT blog-Thanks, Goldy!)


The issue, bro’, is CONTROL. This is a bunch of re-cycled Reagan-era thugs and military-industrial-oil barons with the punching power of the Christian far-right behind them.

The suits want the money and the power…ALL THE MONEY. ALL THE POWER.

The theocrats want control of the culture. They are NO DIFFERENT than the mullahs.

Enter the Smirking Chimp (chimpy to his friends), George Walker Bush (worst) President of the United States (ever), Karl Rove, Dickie Cheney, and the rest of the Mayberry Machiavelli’s. Ever read the Texas Republican Party Platform? A truly vile document. A blueprint for what this bunch of corruption conservatives and zealot zombies want to perpetrate.

Nixon, Ray-gun, Bush I, Bush II. Each time it gets worse. But don’t worry, we’ll all have Social Security to fall back on…oh…sorry.



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