Friday, August 19, 2005

Eric Alterman at Altercation...

...gets it right (almost ALWAYS) Mon-Fri.

Here's a little something abou the U.N.:


"I see the editors of The New Republic are calling on Kofi Annan to resign. “The big question is whether Annan will insist on continuing to burden the United Nations with his presence or finally go and write his memoirs.” Here (sub.) I don’t want to spend all day on this but, in light of the catastrophe in Iraq from which Annan tried to save us, here is a short list of people who ought to resign, long before we start worrying about Kofi:
George W. Bush
Dick Cheney
Donald Rumsfeld
Condoleezza Rice
John Bolton
Every Republican Senator and Congressman and about half of the Democrats
Judy Miller
The entire editorial staff of the Weekly Standard
Tom Friedman
Charles Krauthammer
All of the “talent” at Fox News, and much of it at CNN, and MSNBC
The editors and owners of The New Republic…"


OK, OK, I know the REAL reason the rethugs are pissed...


Call it lack of initiative...ingenuity...whatever, but the attitude seems to be, "If you're gonna BIG...or don't play at all." I just wonder how much that Texas Firm got for the Oil THEY sold (more here and here).

The guys at the U.N.?...only talkin' $170-180,000. Chump change, ya. know? Jeez...they can't do better than THAT? Get them OUTTA HERE!

makin' honest criminals like us look bad.


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