Monday, October 03, 2005

Something For All Us..uhm..."Recovering Catholics"...

...lets compare and contrast, shall we(?!):

Top Cardinal Plays Down Priest Shortage (from
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By NICOLE WINFIELD Associated Press Writer

October 03,2005 VATICAN CITY -- A senior cardinal played down the shortage of clergymen that has left many churches without priests to celebrate Mass, saying at the start of a meeting of the world's bishops Monday that access to the Eucharist was a gift, not a right for Catholics.



Archbishop lights way for today's leaders
Monday, October 3, 2005


Raymond Hunthausen was a hopeful, humble man when uprooted from his beloved Montana 30 years ago by the Vatican to be pastor to 350,000 of the faithful as Catholic Archbishop of Seattle.

He was the antithesis of an autocrat-bishop, whether riding atop the big lawn mower at St. Edward's Seminary or being known simply as "Ray" at weekly meet-ups where religious leaders plotted ecumenical cooperation.

Back from Montana, the retired Hunthausen was honored last week as another 30th anniversary was observed by the Washington Association of Churches. The ecumenical group does grunt work lobbying for those least influential of Americans, the working poor.


What a bunch of weasels. THESE are the guys Jesus would throw out of the temple.

(from the Boston Globe)
"An effort by the Vatican to look for evidence of homosexuality in Catholic seminaries is alarming gay rights advocates but is pleasing conservatives, who are hoping that Pope Benedict XVI will soon issue a ban on gay men as future priests."


"The chairman of the Boston College theology department, the Rev. Kenneth Himes, sharply criticized the review yesterday, saying that if the bishops really want to understand what caused the sexual abuse crisis, they should investigate their own offices."

Not THIS guy:

"The Vatican once investigated Hunthausen for alleged sins of tolerance and inclusiveness. An outpouring of support from priests and the pews stopped plans to strip the archbishop of his authority."

..."whatever you do to these...the least of my bretheren, you do to me." JC


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