Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Raw Story Does Such Great Work...

...too bad they have to report a piece of shit like this:

"November 22, 2005 -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia says the high court did not inject itself into the 2000 presidential election.
Speaking at the Time Warner Center last night, Scalia said: "The election was dragged into the courts by the Gore people. We did not go looking for trouble."

{NY Post via Raw Story}

Then THIS:

"Says Gore 'dragged' matter into courts; Bush actually sued to block recounts."

Why tell the truth when a LIE works soooo much better.

...ya just can't make this stuff up...oh yeah...i guess you can...

OK...OK...THIS Is Too Much...

...even for ME!

"The Vatican says homosexuals who are sexually active or support "gay culture" are unwelcome in the priesthood unless they have overcome their homosexual tendencies for at least three years, according to a church document posted on the Internet by an Italian Catholic news agency."

(From Yahoo News via Raw Story)

...one more time..."who would jesus ban?...

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Gut Wrenching...

...that doesn't even do justice to the way I feel about this.

U.S. Military using CHEMICAL WEAPONS in Iraq.

Here from the Christian Science Monitor (fergawdssake) and here from the Independent (UK).

What is this illegal, immoral and apparently inhuman Bush/Cheney administration doing in our name? How are these atrocities acceptable? To what end? Just what the FUCK is going on here?

Call your Senators and Congresspersons.

Demand an explanation!

oh yeah...and we do not torture, sez chimpy

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