Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm Tired Of Fucking...

...roll over and play dead Democrats.

The reason there is NO opposition to the Right-Wing Republican freight train is that there is NO opposition party.

Case in point:

Maria Cantwell voted to close debate on Alito.

OK...OK...She voted no on the jackbooted thug. Aaaannd she voted no on Roberts (and Patty didn't...shame, shame, shame). So what do I want, as my folks used to say, "eggs in my beer?" (don't ask me...THEY...used to say it. They were both from Ballard.).

Well I want THIS....I want opposition. And when I volunteer and contribute to somebody I want a goddamn explanation of a vote that PISSED ME OFF.

What sort of political point was she making? She had all the cover in the world if she felt she needed it.

Worst of all...

DC office couldn't/ wouldn't explain it.

Seattle office couldn't/ wouldn't explain it.

Seattle CAMPAIGN office couldn't/ wouldn't explain it.

Then fucking Cornyn (R-Bedrock) and DeMint (R-Dark Ages) make fun of us.

She Should Have Voted NO.

She didn't.

I got more to say about really all the events of the last ohhhh...MONTH, but right now,


...und zo lay down on ze couch und tell me ubout zis "Ballard".

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