Thursday, January 11, 2007

This Guy... performing at Tula's Friday Jan. 12. He's a little OLDER (body..NOT spirit) than when this picture was taken...but he blows hard and strong and has a GREAT band! So let's...

...Take A Break (while we still can)...

...and go hear a GREAT Tenor Sax Man speak in his own sweet way!

...I loooves me some tenor sax!


Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Earth Girls Are "EASY" Too...

...McCain: Iraq War Was ‘Easy’

"Saint" John McCain...presumptive 2008 Republican Presidential Nominee and terminal dumbshit.

..."I sold my soul to the Company Store."

Bobby Kennedy..., was, always will be hero.

I was devastated at his assassination.

I truly believe this world would be a better place and we would be a better country for him having been the nominee of the Democratic Party in 1968.

I'd like to do more with this in the future, but for now...I ran a cross a diary from DailyKos.

Check it out.

...we hardly knew ye.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Bush Strikes Like Lightning... we go folks!

WASHINGTON - President
lifted the drilling ban Tuesday for Alaska's Bristol Bay, clearing the
way for the Interior Department to open the fish-rich waters to oil and natural
gas development.

That S.O.B. is gonna use every trick in the book to SCREW US OVER for the next TWO G#%DAMN YEARS.

Call your Senators (1-877-762-8762) and Congresspersons (202-224-3121). You know the drill (no pun intended)...(really).

...eff Ted Stevens, too.

New Year...New Blogger(?!)...

...well OK.

Old Blogger SUCKED!

At least for me.

I am an impulsive blogger, short on time usually, and short on inspiration...with a lousy memory (making me different from...who????).

So if I'm gonna's gotta happen...and Blogger (the Elder) wasn't happenin'. I wouldn't wait for the freakin' thing to load...and I couldn't/wouldn't come back.

So I quit the whole damn thing.

But I'm a frickin' eeee-go-maniac, and I think YOU ought to know what I think (making me different from...who????).

So listen, Blogger yer gettin' a big-ass second chance from 'ol Rujax!

Better be GRATEFUL.

...OK, here we go.

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