Thursday, February 08, 2007

Edwards Didn't Cave!!!!

MyDD has been ALL OVER the "Edwards Campaign hiring the mean Girl Bloggers" kerpiffle since day before yesterday when a Professional Catholic and Professional Victim Bill Donohue from something called "The Catholic League" got his knickers in a knot over Amanda and Melissa pointing out the more OBVIOUS hypocritical positions of one of the world's OLDEST and MOST HYPOCRITICAL Religious organizations.

As usual, Dr. Eric Alterman at reduces this mess to it's essential elements.

Read the whole thing. It's rich.

Here's the Edwards (and bloggers) statements (from MyDD).

And these bastards complain about what WE say.

I seriously was waiting to see what humble Johnny was gonna do with this. Had he canned the gals, he would have been OFF my Prez list. Just like THAT. Thinks about it...if he were to cave on a relatively small matter like this...what's gonna happen when the REAL shit hits the fan. And the farther he gets along, the more shit starts flyin' around.

So 'Ol Rujax is goin' for the General until the convention, then we'll see who's who and what's what. least WE don't LIE for a living.

This Is NOT Funny.

So now we know what it atakes to get clownservatives pissed at Bush.

GOP Rep. warns Bush if border patrol agents die in prison 'there's going
to be some kind of impeachment talk'


The corruption won't do it...the erosion of Civil Liberties won't do it...the Deficit, runaway expansion of the Federal Government, unprecedented secrecy won't do it either.

I guess whatever issue starts the "tipping point" to tip, I'm all for it. They WILL find out that they, the clownservatives, will be treated like the Bushistas treat everybody else.

Like Shit.

...we don't care, we don't HAVE to... (l. tomlin)


(h/t to

I think 'Ol Rushbo is off the wagon again.

...only ONE Doctor. Really. Honest.

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