Monday, December 17, 2007

Football Follies 12/17/07...

Note To The Dumbasses At ESPN...

Your Monday Night Crew SUCKS...I keep myself from getting a headache by
turning on the RADIO...Howard David and Boomer Esiason do a good job on the
Westwood One broadcast (available at KJR 950 AM)

Note To The NFL Network...

Deion Sanders DIDN'T SUCK as the color guy on your Saturday Night Bengals/49er's Game Broadcast. Who knew??

Note To Seattle Seahawk Offensive (no shit) Line...

GROW A PAIR FER CHRISSAKES!!! (before LOFA beats the CRAP outta ALL of ya)

Note To Seahawks Management...

ANY CHANCE we can hear LOCAL MUSIC through the sound system at Qwest
Field??!!...oh yeah, I good bands ever came from SEATTLE...RIGHT
Paul Allen??? P.S. Remember the LIVE BAND at the Kingdome??? Those guys
RAWKED! Let's do THAT again...

...I nominate Doctor Funk!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Blame Teh Gay!!!

From SLOG...

Religion: Every Time a Dude Marries a Dude an Angel
Gets Run Over by a Tank

Posted by Dan Savage on December 12 at 8:20 AM

Gay marriage an impediment to world peace, says the Pope.

Shit...EVERYBODY knows THAT!!!

....psssst...wanna see my stigmata???...Hmmm???

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