Thursday, February 21, 2008

So Hillary...Here's Your Shot... being a great leader...statesperson...

From DailyKos

Obama is the Nominee. Will Clinton Scorch the Earth or Be a Leader?
by DHinMI
Thu Feb 21, 2008 at
01:05:47 PM PST

From the (ultra-liberal...not) Financial Times

Clinton must step aside today to win tomorrow
By Stephen
Published: February 20 2008 18:58 Last updated: February 20 2008
The time has come for Hillary Clinton to make a historic announcement,
certain to dismay her friends and confound her enemies, demonstrating her
undeniable strengths – intelligence, ambition and resolve. Following on her massive
Wisconsin primary defeat
, she ought to surprise the nation and the world by
announcing her decision not to contest Texas, Ohio or Pennsylvania, accepting
Barack Obama as the Democratic presidential nominee in opposition to John
Though she has been intermittently hostile in her comments on Mr
Obama, it should be possible for her to say that she will do whatever she can to
prevent a Republican victory in November. She needs to represent her withdrawal
not as a personal sacrifice, but as a refusal to play the Republican game that
could lead to a McCain victory and the elevation of justices to the US Supreme
Court hostile to her most cherished values. The time has come to say that
Republican rule, as exemplified by the Bush administration and McCain pledges,
offer prospects too dangerous to contemplate.

I could not agree more.

My guy Edwards had the grace to step aside when he KNEW it was over.

Hillary Clinton KNOWS it's over. Bill Clinton knows it too. They are smart, driven, caring, patriotic and motivated people. They know the right thing to do...get the Democrat elected to the White House...get firm majorities in the Senate and House, and fix this mess we're in.

A moment in history...a chance at a "Profile in Courage".

An opportunity to cement a legacy.

...tempus fugit


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