Monday, October 19, 2009

There's A Dimwit Dipstick...

...christianist whack-job wing-nut who posts at my favorite local blog. HA Seattle under the handle (and the stupidest one ever) "PuddyBuddy".

75. Puddybud Remembers hatched from a rock spews:

rujax, the great mind
and soul of libtardos everywhere; just check his
blog, claims

Obama is hated because he’s a black man. "

James Carville and Stanley
Greenburg, two men who have the pulse of
Donkeycrats everywhere, except
rujax of course, claim otherwise. Somehow Puddy
must have missed the rujax
report on CNN. Did anyone see a cinder block talking
to a microphone
pleading his case?

Got a YouTube link?

Butt butt butt, dammit
I’m rujax, and you all are wrong.

10/19/2009 at
12:37 pm

Ya know...I'm just a citizen with an opinion, just like the aforementioned asswipe and everyone else. My opinion is that Carville and Greenberg are corrupted members of the chattering beltway punditocracy and not to be taken seriously as an arbiter of the opinion, feelings and motivations of the Democratic rank and file. They don't speak for rank and file Democrats and are in fact pathetically out of touch with rank and file Democrats and rank and file Democratic values.

They have "opinions" about the racially charged hatred of President Obama fueled by Fox News and right-wing hate-talk radio and right-wing "Death Pastors" who advocate and actually pray with their congregations for the death of President Obama...but they have more of a vested interest in telling the corporate media what it wsants to hear.

So the "Puddybuddy" is wrong.


As always.

Now if the "Puddybuddy" knew anything about Democratic politics he'd know that, but he doesn't, so he doesn't. In fact reading his inane meandering mostly incomprehensible posts proves beyond a doubt that he knows very little and is wrong about virtually everything.

Oh...and since this is my blog...I get to be right. Because, well...I AM.


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