Monday, November 23, 2009

THIS... what I keeep talking about. what the conservaklowns don't want anyone to mention:

An American Catastrophe



"In many ways, it’s like a ghost town. It’s eerily quiet. Driving around in the middle of the afternoon, in a city that once was among the most productive on the planet, you see very little traffic, minimal commercial activity, hardly any pedestrians.

What you’ll see are endless acres of urban ruin, block after block and mile after mile of empty and rotting office buildings, storefronts, hotels, apartment buildings and private homes. It’s a scene of devastation and disintegration that stuns the mind, a major American city that still is home to 900,0000 people but which looks at times like a cross between postwar Berlin and the ruin of an ancient civilization.

Detroit was the arsenal of democracy in World War II and the incubator of the American middle class. It was the city that taught mass production to the rest of the world. It was a place that made cars, trucks and other tangible products, not derivatives. And it was the architect of the quintessentially American idea of putting people to work and paying them a decent wage. It’s frightening to think seriously about what we’ve allowed to happen to this city and what is now happening to the middle class and the American economy as a whole."

They just don't fucking get it.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Palineated. I LOVE It!!!

This here story about "Bible Spice" has been all over the intertubes the last couple days.

It's so deeeee-lish...I'm puttin' it up too.

Yeah...THIS is why we're all so SKEEERED of Caribou Barbie:

..nuff said.

From Pandagon via Rumproast!

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