Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Sentiments EXACTLY...

Jim DeMint – Fuck You – Raise Taxes on Billionaires and Corporations

Posted on the June 26th, 2011 by All Facts Support My Positions

Fuck You Jim DeMint

Fuck you Jim. You want to slam the poor, the sick, and the elderly to “balance the budget” and won’t even consider cutting corporate welfare, or having the billionaires, or the companies they own stock in pay their fair share. I pray that there is justice in this world and some day you will be looking for meals in dumpsters, instead of flying around in corporate jets spewing your psycho economic lies. It’s freaks like you that are destroying this nation, and the sooner we cut corporate welfare, and start taking care of “regular” Americans, and creating jobs instead of pain the better.

So DeMint. Tell us why making sure the filthy rich doesn’t pay their fair share of taxes is good for America? Tell me why my paying more in income tax than Exxon, or BofA is good for America? Tell me why promoting drilling for oil is better than green energy?

Think he'd get mad if I called him a "dick"?

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