Monday, May 23, 2005

I Always Say I Hate To...

..."bite" offfa other peoples stuff; blog posts, blog news items, etc. - however, unless a person is really SMART, or can just LAY IT DOWN LIKE A MUTHAFAWKA, or has grown an awesome COMMUNITY, or is FUNNY, or PERSISTENT with the REPORTAGE, or UP TO THE MINUTE WITH THE BREAKING NEWS, you get a hack like me. One of my favorite classic soul music songs (bet you were wondering when I'd get to the music part) is "Sweet Soul Music" by Arthur Conley. I guess this post is something like that. The "blog singers" that inspire me.

I feel like I owe the people I mentioned...and soooo many others (like the incomparabe Hesoid Theogeny @ lamentably defunct)...the inspiration and example to post my meager observations.

i am not worthy.


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