Sunday, June 19, 2005

We Are Not...(from my post at

All I've heard for the last forty is how wrong my party is. We tax, we spend. We're corrupt. We're soft on crime. We're immoral. We're what's wrong.
I loved Jack and Bobby Kennedy and what they stood for (slime away wingers). Scoop and Maggie and Al Rosellini. Dems that got things done. Bill Clinton won me over and for all his flaws, had a great run as President. Gore was /is a great man who ran a shitty campaign. The robbery in Fla should not have been an issue. Kerry lived through the most sustained and unwarranted siege of character assasination since the VRWC against Clinton, and though he lost the election (???) he came through with his dignity intact.The Democratic party was and is a party of special interests. The very special interests of ordinary people. WE care about children and child care. WE care about minimum wages. WE care about education. WE care about privacy and civil rights. WE care about EVERYONE's equality. WE care about our nation's security and the safety of all our citizens. ALLWAYS HAVE. ALWAYS WILL!
Goldy said it better and I am saying it again. Don't impugn my patriotism or my committment to my community. Disagree with me? Fine. Don't question my patriotism or my devotion to my country and the Constitution.


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