Sunday, February 27, 2005

"Olson, get me the City Desk!" "OK, Mr. White...Right away Mr. White!!!"

...or America's new reality show! Where's My Guckert!!"

OK. For the 3,789th time...actually why don't we all just sing this together;

If this had been a Democratic Administration right now (02/27/05) we would be up to our ears in "Guckert Gate". My God, where is the accountability with the so called liberal media?

Anyway...some people get it.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Religion Notes:

I grew up in the Catholic Church, 12 years of Catholic Schools...recovering Catholic...sometimes I relapse (yuk, yuk)...blah blah. So I'm used to some pretty bizarre religiosity. I had hopes after Vatican II, but after the death (murder?!) of John Paul 23 (ouch! my tinfoil hat is on too tight), the hopes of all who were trying to pray and wish mother church into at least the 18th century were dashed.

Therefore this (from the fine folks who brought you the flat earth and the inquisition) is not all that surprising. Still bizarre, though.

Friday, February 04, 2005

SOTU - I didn't watch either.

From the great Oliver Willis..

..."Lame Duck yet?"

The First (or Second ) Thing George Bush Did When He Was Appointed President...

...was declare that the West Coast "Electric Energy Crisis" was nothing the Federal Government (or it's regulatory agencies) were going to get involved with.

So amid the discoveries of wrongdoing by energy companies, particularly and infamously the massive Bush supporter Enron - comes this delicious tidbit of what passes for corporate responsibility these days. From the LATimes-Subscription required.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

This is pretty funny...

From the LATimes about Pro Football (subscription required).

Do You Like The Rude Pundit?

I do!!!

Jearl Pam

Dig Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo about the kick-off of the Preznit's "Bamboozlepalooza Tour" also known as the State of the Union Address.

Oh Yes...They Hate Us for Our Freedom

Why does this not surprise me...

...from WaPo, doing their job for a change.

Blog Disclaimer!!!

(If you are a sensitive follower of the misguided Bush administration CLICK HERE to go to your happy place. The nurse will be along for you any minute.)

The Author of this blog is a (now) 54 yo proudly unreconstructed knee-jerk liberal Democrat. I promote civil rights (which ARE NOT special rights), I believe in the separation of church and state, I remember the lessons of Viet Nam. I'm re-married with seven kids (blended family). I wonder why the corporate republican elite hates America, Americans, and American values so much (WTF did we do to you anyway except create the best and best regulated business climate in history allowing the accumulation of corporate and personal wealth on a scale unprecidented in any epoch).
I am just a normal working guy who is interested in fairness for ALL people. As a small business person and entrepeneuer (french careful) I have always done better and had plenty of people with money to sell goods and services to during Democratic administrations and liberal times. So if I seem like I'm biased IAM!

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